stock tex web design

Stock Tex

The main aim with this e-commerce was refreshing the old layout and bring new customers in, focusing on a simple graphic style and a clear message:

this is the only website you'll ever need for all your textile requirements

As CMS I used WordPress, paired with the amazing Woocommerce, I was really stunned at what a plugin could do.

Being a WordPress website it was SEO-friendly in a few minutes, the interface readily available and simple to use for anyone in the firm to put up new products.

uffix web design


The goal of the Uffix redesign was giving local users a clean and simple showcase of what the company was about.

I developed the new website fully responsive with a heavy grid-like feeling that was softened by the presence of rounded forms all over the pages.

itr usco web design


The website for ITR USCO was a big undertaking with lots of really different pages, featuring an e-commerce, a timeline, a shop locator, and much more.

It was challenging keeping an unified structure throughout the whole website, but with the help of a consistent color palette and animations the final product looked really solid.


SP Dams

The new identity for this project was to be clean and concise, the point was not so much to sell, but to showcase, that's why I designed a full-width gallery and kept the focus more on the images than on the text itself.

rem app


REM is a web app that helps you sleep better by showing the best time to wake up. It also works offline so you can sleep at your best everywhere.

You can try it live here (best on your phone).

radiosa sposa web design


For Radiosa elegance and style were the first things to keep in mind.

The bright layout conveys a sense of serenity and fashion at the same time, and the full-width pictures reinforce the idea that it's all about the bride on their special day.